Welcome to my Gluten website where you will find all things gluten and beyond, because if you have a gluten sensitivity or intolerance and perhaps diagnosed celiac disease the information here can help you on many levels.

Many people go off gluten and think they are done. Some go off gluten, expecting to feel better, but not much happens, even though they run it tight and they have been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity. Some people think they are off gluten and are really not off it at all. They didn’t bother researching all the different names for gluten in their food and are getting cross contaminated by these foods or in restaurant food.

Going off gluten is just the first step in a process washing out genetically induced antibodies which calms down the immune system/inflammation if far sites of the body. The longer you have eaten gluten, the more damage to the body has been done. Catching this young, ideally before age 5,is best. There are at least 11 other foods, commonly eaten, that are so close to gluten on a molecular level, that when eaten, can confuse the body’s immune system and trigger it to behave as if you just ate 2 slices of bread, and you thought you were gluten free.

Many people have no symptoms at all, or the symptoms they do have are not attributed to gluten. When these people are tested, I find at least 90% have either gluten sensitivity or intolerance. I personally believe anyone would be healthier without any gluten in their diet at all. People have great bioindividuality in their ability to resist toxic assault on their bodies. Gluten is no different; one of many toxic assaults on the body, but one that can be controlled.

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So, as Hippocrates said, “let food be your medicine and medicine your food”!