Resources : A comprehensive website for everything gluten, including the 50+ names for gluten on labels, you may never guess that contain gluten. Almost the only site you will need to go gluten free. : Listings of gluten free foods, by category, info and gluten free services. Non-profit info site on the newest developments/laws/polices regarding gluten in the food supply as well as info on celiac disease. An info site on all things gluten as well as an email newsletter and magazine. They have a listing of all the gluten free camps for kids throughout the United States and resources specifically targeted for kids. An easy to navigate website in English and Spanish to get you started on the gluten free path. One of my favorite sites. They have an inexpensive set of guides for shopping, eating in restaurants and language cards in many foreign languages to take with you when traveling and eating out to ensure a gluten free meal from the chef.




Find Me Gluten Free (Free in iTunes): Using GPS, it helps people find a gluten free restaurant wherever they go/travel.

Is That Gluten Free ($7.99 in iTunes): A mobile way to check foods brands for gluten when you shop.

Gluten Free Restaurant Cards from (Free in I Tunes) Images in 50 languages to get you a gluten free meal all around the world.