I believe in “testing, not guessing” when it comes to creating a personalized health program that will help get you feeling better in the shortest amount of time. I find most people do better when they know for sure that gluten, dairy, other cross reactive foods to gluten and other foods are problem foods for them and they can knowingly avoid them.

Also, there are myriad problems that develop in those that are gluten intolerant or have celiac disease. These problems also need to be addressed, and specific types of testing can be very useful to correct “collateral damage” from gluten that has been occurring since you were in the womb. With this in mind, the following tests and services are what I use to get you well quickly:


  • Comprehensive serum testing from a referral doctor, your own physician, or independently through Pharmasan Labs.
  • Comprehensive genetic testing of all 23 proteins in wheat, IGG/IGA through Cyrex Laboratory.
  • 200 Food Panel , including gluten, and all cross reactive foods to gluten, plus most commonly used foods that can cause inflammation in the body, even when they are considered “healthy” foods. Also available is comprehensive gut/genetic testing for celiac disease and inflammation of the small intestine. Cell Science Systems.
  • Neurotransmitter testing, cortisol and stress hormone testing through NeuroScience/Pharmasan Labs. Find out how you brain is functioning and how it is talking to the rest of your body. A large amount of people who have a gluten intolerance have functional brain imbalances. Gluten is primarily neuro-toxic to the central nervous system and brain.
  • Leaky gut testing through Cyrex Laboratory. This lab tests 3 different kinds of leaky gut, one of the only labs that does this, including LPS (lipopolysaccaride gram negative bacteria), that can contribute to auto-immune disease.
  • Multiple types of functional testing through Direct, such as finding out if you have a breast cancer risk, with a simple urine test, osteoporosis/osteopenia risk with a urine test, heavy metal testing through urine, and detoxification ability of your liver functional testing and many more.

Once testing is completed, we put together a personalized health program just for you to get you well and functioning better in your life. Each person’s program is unique to them and we help you follow up with retesting as needed, continuing education and updates, and help in implementing the changes you will need to do for life.

There are mechanisms of action through your body’s physiology that link gluten sensitivity/intolerance to 255+ diseases. These diseases have a common denominator: inflammation. As you age, this inflammation increases. Our intention is to lower all sources of inflammation in the body, lower risk of the diseases of aging and prolong your life span and quality of life.

I can help you, face to face in my office, by phone/Skype, or email. See you in health.